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Wayne Bailey found his calling at an early age, falling in love with photography the moment he captured his very first image. With the simple Kodak camera given to him by his parents, he took a picture of his sister and her friends. That first image is what started Wayne on his journey to discovering his love of art. 

His creativity and sheer talent is what he became known for during his academic years. Choosing schools that specialized in the arts taught him about the fundamentals, exposing him to various types and mediums of art. Discovering a knack for sketching, Wayne was drawn into the world of fashion. As a Fashion Design student at Sheridan College, he realized that it was not completely for him. Despite switching majors to Illustration Arts, Wayne still felt as though there was something missing. After a period of inner-reflection, he realized that he can combine all of his interests through his first passion-- photography. 

Phobybai produces high quality pieces that showcase the unique beauty of the subject.  Wayne has the innate ability to capture and convey the essence of his subjects, delivering an image that is not only timeless, but has that distinctive visual funk that Wayne has become renowned for. 

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